The “S” Word

Believe it or not, I’ve struggled with my weight for several years.

My younger sister Hayley has always been naturally thin without really trying, while my older sister Hannah has been the queen of working out for quite some time. And then there’s me….

Looking back now, I guess I never had enough motivation to commit to a diet or exercise routine lasting longer than a few days. I would try something new, like tracking the foods I ate into a calorie-counting app, then end up letting each habit fall by the wayside.

Even though I didn’t gain the Freshman 15 (studies show it’s technically around eight pounds), I still struggled with tempting choices in the dining halls and making time during the busiest of days to hit the gym, which was a 13-minute walk from my dorm.

My weight also messed with my self-confidence all the time, which was discouraging.

This summer has definitely been the most stressful I’ve ever had with an internship, part-time job and two online classes. My plan was to feel accomplished after finishing all that schoolwork, building my portfolio from interning, and depositing paycheck after paycheck. However, I learned quickly that keeping in all that stress wasn’t healthy. With exercise as one of the best relievers out there, I decided to add one last goal to my already-too-full plate: the 30 by 30 Challenge.

I heard about the 30 by 30 Challenge from my Lose It iPhone app. The plan is simple: exercise for at least 30 minutes each day for 30 consecutive days. Personally, I think it’s perfect because I don’t have to worry about following those difficult magazine diagrams or paying an expensive gym membership fee. I am now on day 8, and I can already feel a positive change within.

I won’t lie and say that it’s been easy– after all, it is called the 30 by 30 Challenge! Yet, I’m not allowing myself to give up again like I have before. I’m not allowing myself to use the excuse of “I’m too busy to work out” anymore either. And most of all, I refuse to set a target number on the scale.

Instead, my end goal is to finally feel good about myself. Not lose x number of pounds. Realistically speaking, I’ll never be the “S” word: skinny. Our world is so obsessed with “skinny,” and according to, the definition reads, “very lean or thin; emaciated.”

Tell me that’s an attainable, achievable look to strive for.

I want to set a real example, different from the starved celebrities who swear by the crash and fad diets out there. I want to feel more confident. I want to be the f-word…


Nike said it best... Just do it! (My Pedometer app and workout playlist are essential for a good run)
Nike said it best… Just do it! (My Pedometer app and workout playlist are essential for a good run)



1 thought on “The “S” Word

  1. Mary Beth McIntyre January 30, 2015 — 1:53 pm

    What a powerful message for all women!!
    Feeling good about yourself is essential for healthy and happy living Beeb.


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