From stressed to blessed: 7 tricks to make you instantly happier today!

To say us college students are busy people would be the biggest understatement. Actually, let’s be real…  all adults lead chaotic, stressful lives. However, for us college students, we are just hitting the tip of the iceberg when it comes to responsibilities and obligations of all sorts (finances, eventually maintaining a family, etc.). Our priorities aren’t exactly always as straight as a ruler when it comes to the temptation of watching Netflix over starting that midterm paper, skipping class over sitting through that hipster professor’s boring lecture, yada yada. I’m in the seat right next to you guys on the struggle bus.

While I can’t exactly eradicate all your stress, I do have a few easy tricks to making you feel instantly happier, which will help you recharge your mindset and attitude in a positive way, guaranteed. Seriously, they’re so easy and most of them won’t cost you a dime!

Do a social media/technology sweep.
I did this right after New Years, and it felt amazing. Go through your Facebook friend list (do you really need any more Candy Crush requests from that kid you used to sit next to in geometry?), the Twitter and Instagram accounts you follow, all that stuff. Also, delete any contacts in your phone you don’t need anymore. This, along with unnecessary texts from weeks ago, call logs, old voicemails, etc. will free up a TON of phone space!

Follow the news.
True, I may be a bit biased considering I am a journalism major. But still! If you want to be treated like the adult citizen you are, at least follow a few of the major (and/or local) news networks on Twitter or something. Or, turn on a news channel while you’re getting ready in the morning. There’s no excuse for not being informed on what’s going on around you!

Record the best part of your day.
I like to do this right before I go to bed. Even though not every single day is going to be an all-out adventure, it’s entertaining to look back on these things at the end of each month/year. Plus, it makes for great stories.

Send out cards or letters to loved ones.
Sorry, I lied… this is the only thing on the list that might cost you a few dollars– but it’s worth it! Actions speak louder than words, and it really impresses family and friends when you take the small effort to show them you care. Despite being in this digital age, everyone loves getting cards in the mail. There doesn’t have to be an occasion, but you’d be surprised at the great card selection CVS has. I dare you not to feel warm and fuzzy after!

Call your distant family and friends.
Hey, did you know you can use that iPhone to hear someone else’s voice? If you really don’t want to cough up a couple bucks for sending a card or letter, you should at least give that person a call. I didn’t realize how much the older folks enjoy hearing about my college experiences until a week ago when I phoned my grandma and then my great aunt just to say hello. It made my day knowing I made their day.

Make the most of your resources… seriously!
Before you roll your eyes at probably the most common tip given in college, hear me out. In the midst of my sophomore year, internship searching season is nearing its end and OU is almost halfway through the semester. In other words: continuing to slack off lets others get ahead! Instead of groaning about my new randomly assigned academic advisor, I made an appointment to go and get to know her. Guess what? I came out of her office with the contact information for a handful of big-time magazine editors in NYC. Go to the office hours of your professors if you aren’t following those difficult homework problems. After all, these people are getting paid to help you! Take advantage of every resource, because you deserve nothing short of success.

Thank your friends. 
I’m not talking about uttering just those two simple words and that’s it. In college, we all go through some really rough stuff, often too rough to conquer on our own. Find your true blue friends, the ones who would drop whatever they were doing to come to your rescue, and tell them how much you appreciate their support. And let them know that you are always there for them when they need it the most.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


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