My March intentions

It’s been a minute since I last posted BUT the little break gave me lots of fresh content for the near future (hint: more travel pieces)! Today though, I’m sharing what my goals are for the month of March.

I’ve had a couple of friends do this with their blogs, and I personally love it for a few reasons. One, putting my intentions in writing—for the whole world to see—helps me stay accountable. Two, it gives you a peek behind the scenes at a more vulnerable side of who I am and what I want to improve on in my life; I never want to come across as one of those bloggers who has their life together because I assure you that’s not true!! Third, I believe a month is a healthy period of time to work on incorporating a change (or even just taking a challenge for a trial run).

So without further ado, I present to you my March intentions!

1] Lower my sugar intake

The why: Sweets are one of my biggest weaknesses, and to a degree, I seriously envy people like my brother-in-law who don’t have much of a sweet tooth. This intention is mainly aimed at improving my skin, losing a little weight and driving up my energy levels.

The how: I don’t think deprivation is realistic (especially because it can lead to bingeing down the road). So for me, it’s about indulging less and watching the sugar content in what I’m consuming. Some of the biggest sugar bomb culprits are in condiments like barbecue sauce and ketchup (one tablespoon—which is only about half a golfball!of Aldi’s ketchup contains FOUR grams), salad dressings, cereals, bread, marinara sauce, nut butters… that Nutrition Facts label doesn’t lie, yo.

2] Lower my dairy intake

The why: Some studies suggest that there’s a link between dairy and acne, so I want to see if cutting back makes a difference. Dairy products can also block the absorption of iron, which means lower iron levels, which can cause fatigue in people who are already iron-deficient (a.k.a. anemic)… and I’m in that group 🙃 I’m also doing this because it might help with weight loss.

The how: I replaced the 1% milk in my fridge for unsweetened almond milk; I prefer the one from Califia Farms because it has a cleaner ingredient list than other brands, such as Blue Diamond Almond Breeze (and BTW Califia also make a fantastic almond milk/coconut milk blend). I also stopped buying half and half for when I make coffee at home, and instead started using coconut milk and/or almond milk creamer. I just finished a bottle of this kind (Califia again lol), and now I’m onto So Delicious Dairy Free French Vanilla Coconutmilk Creamer. They’re both wonderful! On the other hand, I don’t miss cheese as much as I thought I would. I’m trying to only have it when I truly want it.

3] Get more sleep

The why: Because my Banana Skirt dance classes are at night, there are a few weeknights where I don’t get home until 8:15 or 9:15 p.m. By the time I shower, eat dinner, straighten up my belongings and such, I go to bed around 11 or 11:30 p.m. My Fitbit tells me I’m averaging only about six hours a night, which is ummm, pretty bad. Sleep deprivation is linked to weight gain and a tendency to choose unhealthy foods and drinks over healthy ones. Why? Wellll the spike in blood sugar from junk food/simple carbohydrates may give you short-term energy, but it usually results in a crash later… only making you more tired. Also, running on inadequate sleep = weaker memory, concentration and cell growth… plus under-eye circles, which are ~the~worst~! And oh yeah, I’m tired of having the energy of a sloth (pun totally intended).

The how: ACTUALLY trying to hit the hay earlier. Packing my lunch and preparing my bag the night before. Putting less makeup on in the morning. You know, the obvious-yet-easy things. The key: actually doing them!

4] Switch gyms

The why: Confession time… and I feel super ashamed to say this, but you know me, I always want to be absolutely transparent and real with you guys. I haven’t been to my gym since last spring. I know, I know… how could I do that when “fit” is in the title of my freaking blog? The truth: I’ve just acquired my cardio fix from dancing, but I really need to get back to strength training and hitting the gym in general. My biggest road block? I can’t stand the 24 Hour Fitness I belong to. I’ve never felt comfortable there with the staff or other members (the front desk lady always made backhanded comments when I returned after a gap of time), it’s cramped and claustrophobic with it being in the basement of a building, it’s not well-maintained in terms of cleanliness, and there’s hardly any room to do your own thing with dumbbells and whatnot.

I realize every gym has its ups and downs, but I know I can find someplace better that doesn’t fill me with anxiety and discomfort stemming from my surroundings. Alas, I am going to check out Planet Fitness and consider making the switch. After spending hours researching other gyms near me, I think it’s the one with the best reviews and price point.

The how: Visit Planet Fitness and see if I can give it a test run. If I like it, I’ll sign up. If not, back to the drawing board. Basically, I’ll do whatever it takes to say adios to 24 Hour Fitness. I just have to get through the membership switch process. Prayers accepted at this time.

To keep you posted on my progress, I’ll be giving updates on Twitter and Instagram (definitely a mid-month check-in on IG) from @fitbythefork.

Would you ever consider setting some monthly intentions? Tell me about it in the comments!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! As always, thanks for reading 🙂

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