Ridiculously easy ways to sneak veggies into your meals

Let’s get one thing straight—few people look forward to eating vegetables. Myself included. One of the only exceptions I can think of is when I’ve eaten like total garbage on vacation or something and my body is like, “Um, can we get some greens around here? This three-day carb fest doesn’t feel too good.”

I think the biggest issue is that we have trouble thinking outside of the box. When we hear “vegetables,” most of us think of vegetables that are served plain. We envision a heap of raw, steamed or roasted vegetables on a plate. And we’re not stoked to stick a fork in ’em.

Ok so maybe there’s some cheese sprinkled on top. But we can do so much better than that! If you recall my recent post about building a better salad with what’s already in your kitchen, it’s kind of the same idea here. You can easily incorporate veggies into your favorite foods and they’ll be just as tasty. If you don’t believe me, here are some examples:

Drizzle on your favorite stir fry sauce. I put General Tso’s on steamed broccoli (yeah, essentially stir fry, but minus the noodles/rice and protein)

Add frozen veggies to soup or ramen. For those nights when you just want a low-effort meal, this is perfect. There’s no side prep or extra cleanup involved, so how can you beat that?

Hollow it out, stuff it in. Instead of getting carried away with chips and crackers (hey, it happens to the best of us), try filling celery stalks, pea pods and peppers with buffalo chicken dip, bean dip or even potato salad.

Two words: cauliflower rice. Alright, you knew it would be on the list. But seriously, don’t knock it til you try it! I prefer mine at a finer consistency so it blends nicely into mashed potatoes or mac and cheese—and it makes it thicc too 😉

Zucchini “fries.” I kind of hate calling them “fries” because as soon as I try to convince myself that a zucchini can replace the real deal, I just want those greasy, salty, golden gems even more. But what else am I supposed to call them? Anyways, zucchini fries are still healthy and yummy, so I won’t say no.

Blend spinach into pesto. Your pesto will be so much brighter, greener and healthier! Not to mention, spinach is pretty tasteless, so that’s a plus.

Bottom line today: veggies have to make it on your plate at some point, so you might as well have some fun with them, right? Challenge your friends to see who can be the most sneaky (and know that I’m secretly voting for you)!

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