A bite of the British life: introduction

“Adulting” seems to get a bad rap these days, which is unfortunate because there’s actually one amazing perk that isn’t talked about enough: traveling when and where you want (of course, that heavily depends on how much money you’re willing to spend). I’m extremely lucky to have a job that allots 22 vacation days a year, not including summer Fridays, some holiday breaks and a few religious days of observance; to be honest though, I try to stay pretty hush about it. I feel a bit guilty receiving so much vacation time—especially as a relatively recent college grad. I’m only mentioning it here and now because it’s germane to today’s blog post.

But back to the traveling talk! I like to spend money on taking trips because to me, that adds more value to my life than a new purse or rounds of pricey drinks on the weekends. I’ve been to a number of American cities… but never another country (besides Canada when I was a kid, but to me, that doesn’t really count). In fact, I never even had a passport in my life until this past spring (Gasp, I know)! It’s not that I didn’t want to go abroad— I actually almost studied in Grenoble, France for my French minor— it’s just that the opportunity never really presented itself. 

Until last month.

My friends Becky and Lucas invited our mutual friend Marisa and me to come visit them in Brighton, England. Super speedy backstory: as part of their undergraduate studies at Swansea University in Wales, Becky and Lucas spent a year (Marisa’s and my senior year) at Ohio University; they’re currently grad students at the University of Sussex. And it only took me about a nanosecond to say “yes.”

I spent 10 days in England: six in Brighton, two in London and two in Salisbury. I thought that I’d be able to fit all of my vacation into one blog post, but nopeeee, not possible! So I’ve decided to break it up into a mini-series called “A bite of the British life.” This way, I don’t have to skimp on the amount of detail and praise each city deserves, and you aren’t scrolling endlessly through one big novel. 

Selfie of Emily and Marisa
Marisa and me at London Heathrow Airport, where this crazy, beautiful trip began (rocking that dehydrated post-flight glow, obviously…)

One last note before I sign off: I just wanted to give you guys a heads-up that this mini-series (and some future content) will be going in a different direction topic-wise.

Fit by the Fork will still primarily feature food and fitness, but I’ve decided to add a bit of lifestyle into the mix. As always, if there’s something I write about that you want more of—or something I’m not writing about that you think I should add to my repertoire— please, please let me know! I love any and all feedback (just don’t be a meanie, keep it classy)!

YAY can’t wait to share my adventures with you! 

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