“Diet Starts Tomorrow” is inspiring me to take better care of my body

About a month ago I started listening to a podcast called “Diet Starts Tomorrow” and it’s been absolutely life-changing. Basically the hosts Aleen Kuperman Dreksler and Sami Fishbein (who are two of the three co-founders of Betches Media) discuss the world of food, fitness, exercise, wellness and more in the most refreshing, relatable and lighthearted way. They often bring on guests such as doctors, authors, personal trainers and other professionals to tackle all kinds of interesting and timely topics. From making smart snack choices in airports, to examining emotional eating triggers, to hip hop yoga studios and how to alleviate hangovers, Diet Starts Tomorrow has it all! Aleen and Sami aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and honest about their own weaknesses and histories, and I think that’s what makes the podcast so appealing. I started all the way at the beginning, from the very first episode in 2018, and I’m just getting into 2019!

I’m really grateful that I found this podcast because it’s done wonders for my battle with disordered eating and weight loss. While listening to an episode, I write down little notes in my phone that I want to remember for later (does anyone else ever do this or am I the only one? LOL). Above all, it’s totally transformed what I put into my body, how often, and why.

Between the podcast and the pandemic, I’ve truly realized just how important it is for us to take care of our bodies. And historically, culturally and economically speaking, it’s becoming harder and harder to do that. Companies make millions (even billions) of dollars from foods and drinks (and let’s add drugs to the list, even though that’s not my thing) that are intended to make us addicted, to reach for another. It goes so far beyond “willpower.” Trying to tell your body, your brain to resist those processed items is tough as sh*t!! Add in scrolling through the minefield of Facetuned and Photoshopped images on social media, magazine covers, TV ads, even what your own friends are posting, and… ugh. We just can’t win.

Except we can! So rant over, back to my original point from a minute ago: we — myself included — need to become more in tune with our bodies. We need to dig deep and find our way back to nourishing them the right way, the natural way, without any of these juice cleanses, tummy teas or restrictive diets (saying it loud and proud right now, I’ll never support keto #sorrynotsorry). And if shedding a few pounds in the process happens, it happens! For once in my life though, I’m not going to make losing weight my #1 priority.

There are a few changes I’ve been incorporating into my lifestyle, and while I believe that you should do what works best for you, I’m seeing quite the positive payoff from the following:

Drinking 16 oz. of water as soon as I wake up

Unless you’re an insomniac who’s downing Dixie cups of water in the bathroom throughout the night, most of us wake up dehydrated. Before I take my first sip of coffee (which makes you more dehydrated, btw), I start my day with a big glass of water.

“Pregaming” my meals with water and veggies

Speaking of, I fill up on water and veggies at the beginning of my meal. I like to get the veggies over with, plus it leaves less room in my stomach for the more splurge-worthy foods on my plate. In a way, it’s portion control without trying that hard. So if I’m having pizza for dinner, I’ll eat my salad before grabbing my first slice.

Aiming for at least 10,000 steps every day

There’s already an entire blog post devoted to this, but especially now that I’m working from home, it’s the least sweaty easiest way to get exercise, release stress and give my eyes a break from screen time, all at once.

Consuming fewer processed foods

To be real with you, I don’t count calories. I do read labels though. Did you know that ingredients are listed in order of highest to lowest amount? (You’re welcome.) We should all be cutting back on sugar and salt, which are two of the biggest additives to processed foods. I try to consume mainly fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, chicken, whole grains and dairy. There’s definitely dark chocolate, wine and Cheetos thrown in for good measure. From becoming more mindful of this, my digestive system is now happier, my 3 p.m. brain fog is minimal, and I don’t reach for dessert at the end of the night as much. Oh my God, did I actually just type that? Swear it’s true.

That’s all I have for you today! Long story short, you should check out Diet Starts Tomorrow. Like, today.




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