Saying “yes” to a bridesmaid dress (and a new body)

When my sister Hannah asked my sister Hayley and me to be maids of honor for her wedding next June, I was overjoyed. I have obviously been to weddings before, but as far as being in one—I’m a total rookie. Hannah and her fiancé Nick have done just about everything on their wedding planning list, but there’s an important box that has yet to be checked: pick out bridesmaid dresses.

A couple of weeks ago, Hannah and I went to a boutique to browse some styles and colors. The saleslady helped us pull about 20 dresses from the racks for me to try on. My fingers swam through a sea of colorful fabrics and textures, but it didn’t take long for my body confidence to be thrown in the deep end. All but two of the sample-sized dresses I wiggled into were no match for my curvy, busty figure. I know those aren’t meant to fit like a glove, but it was tough to not be able to visualize what each dress would look like on me in the proper size. No matter how much we adjusted those electrical clamps and no matter how much I sucked in my stomach, I didn’t feel comfortable or pretty. That was my breaking point.

After Hannah consoled me and helped me put things in perspective, I took a step back to think.

OK. It’s August and we don’t have to make a final decision on bridesmaid dresses until around November. That’s three months from now, which means I have time to make progress. I can work with this realistic timeline to slim down and develop a healthier lifestyle for the long-term, instead of rushing into some crazy, drop-30-pounds-in-two-weeks diet.

On that (hopefully) sunny day in June 2018, I want to look back and say, “Look how far I’ve come.”

It’s this specific vision in mind that has kept me motivated in the gym and in the kitchen the past two weeks. I’ve been working out at least four times a week, cutting back on carbs and eating more vegetables. I switched to eating homemade salads with lean protein for lunch. I have hopped on the weight and cardio machines in the rec center, pushing myself to bust out those final reps when it counts the most.

I plan on using this blog to stay accountable for my progress, so the best is yet to come. With that tiny bit of change I’m starting to feel (and see) already, I’ve said “I do” to a healthier lifestyle!

Treadmill monitor displaying calories, average speed, time and distance
HIIT is a great way to switch things up on the treadmill: run (or walk) for the verses of a song and sprint for the choruses!

3 thoughts on “Saying “yes” to a bridesmaid dress (and a new body)

  1. So many girls feel the same way. Making a healthy lifestyle change is hard but having that motivation will help you reach your goals! Love you EMac!


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