FBTF Features: Lindsey W.

Hi all! I’m so thrilled that Em asked me to share my story on the blog this week. Em and I actually met through our mutual BFF Taylor. Tay introduced me to Em almost two years ago and we’ve been close friends since! Em is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet and I love that we share a passion for health and fitness. A little more about me: I graduated from The Ohio State University last May and currently work as a Pediatric RN at a small primary care practice in Columbus {Cbus}, Ohio. When I’m not working, I love exploring the unique Cbus restaurant scene with my friends and family. If you’re ever in the area you HAVE to check out Condado Tacos, Forno Kitchen + Bar, and Stauf’s Coffee Roasters {just to name a few favorites!} I also enjoy staying active and love to run & take barre class.

Em asked me to share a little bit about my journey with Wellness that Works or WW {formerly Weight Watchers}.  I joined WW for the third time {yes you read that right!} in June 2018. I can’t believe that was nearly nine months ago! This is the longest I have ever stuck with a health/fitness program and I’m here to share why this lifestyle works for me {Note: WW is not for everyone. I recognize and honor whatever health/fitness regimen works for you and wanted to be upfront about that before sharing my story!}.


I had joined WW in the past, but I would only last a few months before I would return to my old eating patterns. It has been difficult for me to find the right program for me due to a long battle with negative body image and a relentless eating disorder. I’ve battled bulimia and binge-eating disorder since my early teen years. I struggle with programs that make me feel like I’m restricting myself in any way. This can cause me to plummet into a binge-eating episode that can last from days to weeks. With that being said, I rejoined WW in June 2018 and haven’t looked back since. I recognized that I needed to make a change in my life when I realized how out of control my eating habits had gotten. I was eating extremely large quantities at every meal and the majority of my meals were being eaten out. The only foods I kept in the house were snacks and ice cream. I was also frequently binging and felt completely helpless. Luckily, one step on my home-scale was enough to prompt me to sign up for WW again. I’ve been consistently living the WW lifestyle since June and have lost nearly 50 lbs.


For those that are interested in learning more about WW here is a little info on what WW offers. WW introduced their new program called WW Freestyle in January 2018. This program is all about flexibility. Many foods are “zero” points and these include things like fruits/veggies, eggs, and even grilled chicken breast! The program also comes with other benefits like “weekly” points which are extra points you can utilize if you choose to go over your daily points. The best part of this program is you can continue to eat your favorite foods and lose weight. I also enjoy the holistic aspect of the program. This program focuses on improving both your mental and physical well-being. Many WW members are active on social media {check out my Insta @linds_loses_with_ww} and we are all about encouraging one another to savor this journey and make positive changes on the inside & outside.

If you have any questions about WW, health, wellness, nursing, etc. feel free to reach out to me on social media! A huge thanks to Em for featuring me on the blog and I hope we get to collab again soon!


Interested in being my next FBTF Feature? Drop me a line at fitbythefork@gmail.com!

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